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25th August 2023 (9 Topics)

India’s Space Prowess and Global South


India's inaugural lunar South Pole exploration by its Chandrayaan-3 mission yields vital space insights, cementing its position among leading nations with significant space exploration capabilities especially influencing geo-politics in Global South.


  • On December 1, 2022 as India assumed the G20 Presidency from Indonesia.
  • And also on January 12 and 13, 2023, the Indian government hosted an online meeting of developing countries called the Voice of Global South Summit.

India’s space capabilities and Global Influence:

  • Global South Achievement: Chandrayaan-3's lunar South Pole landing elevates India's global standing. Remarkable feat from a post-colonial nation inspires others, showcasing Indian engineering and resilience.
  • Leadership and Inspiration: India's success encourages Global South nations to overcome colonial legacies, emphasizing self-reliance.
  • Soft Power and Research: India's lunar research benefits developing countries, fostering international alliances. Cutting-edge studies on the Moon advance science and technology for broader progress.

How India’s space strength will help developing nations of Global South?

  • Technological Influence in Global Order: Nations excelling in AI, IT, and space research shape the global landscape. Chandrayaan-3's success elevates India's standing, enriching Moon data, and potential life discoveries.
  • Enhanced Global Importance: Chandrayaan-3 showcases India's unique role. Democratic values and cooperation enhance soft power, fostering deeper ISRO-NASA collaboration and potential life-related breakthroughs.

How Technology can become India’s voice?

The technological prowess as well as economic scale is key to accelerate its rise relative to its Western counterparts.

  • Economic Strength: Technological innovation drives economic growth. Countries with strong technological sectors attract investments, enhance productivity, and gain economic influence, which in turn affects their geopolitical standing.
  • Regional Stability: Technology can address regional issues, such as water scarcity or disaster management. Providing technological solutions fosters goodwill and diplomatic influence.
  • Diplomacy and Alliances: Technological cooperation can strengthen diplomatic ties. Shared technological goals encourage alliances and partnerships between countries.
  • Soft Power: Technological achievements enhance a nation's soft power, improving its global image and fostering international collaboration.
  • Global Governance: Emerging technologies like AI and biotechnology raise ethical, legal, and regulatory questions. Nations participating in setting global norms and regulations gain influence over future governance frameworks.
  • Space and Communication: Space technologies influence communication, surveillance, navigation, and scientific exploration. Countries with advanced space capabilities gain advantages in communication and intelligence.

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