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16th September 2023 (10 Topics)

ISRO gives India more space in the world


India is technologically and economically far behind China, but it can show off its capabilities in one domain: space.

ISRO's Changing Perceptions and Achievements

  • ISRO's Remarkable Journey: ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organisation, is undergoing a rebranding phase, propelled by its recent successes including lunar missions and a Mars orbiter.
  • Advancing on the Global Stage: The organization is gearing up for a solar probe and a manned mission, reflecting India's evolving role in the global arena.
  • The Lingering Irony: Despite these achievements, a long-standing irony remains – India, a spacefaring nation, grapples with challenges like food security, education, and poverty at home.

Evolution of India's Space Program

  • From Jugaad to Scientific Excellence: India's early space endeavors were often associated with frugality and jugaad (resourcefulness), epitomized by missions like Mangalyaan, which garnered global attention for its cost-effectiveness.
  • Cost effective efforts: However, ISRO's success also involves scientific innovation, such as utilizing angular momentum to reduce fuel usage and the country's cost-effective inputs.
  • Become a global example: India's space objectives differ from technologically advanced nations, focusing on development, earth sciences, and national integration rather than space tourism or planetary colonization.

Geopolitical Significance of India's Space Program

  • ISRO's Geopolitical Role: ISRO's space program serves as a geopolitical signal, showcasing India's capabilities in the global arena, particularly concerning China's maritime ambitions.
  • India's Lunar Mission: India's lunar mission, aimed at putting an Indian on the moon, reflects its determination to assert influence and competence.
  • Compelling Message to the World: Despite the ongoing irony of domestic challenges, India's lunar mission sends a compelling message to the world about its capabilities and aspirations.
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