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Empowering Hatti Community and Initiatives for Economic Growth in Himachal Pradesh

Published: 4th Jan, 2024


The Himachal Pradesh government has taken significant steps to address the longpending demand of granting Scheduled Tribes (ST) status to the Hatti community in the Transgiri area of Sirmaur district. It also launched a few programmes for the economic growth in the state.

Granting ST Status to Hatti Community:

  • The Hatti community, residing in 154 panchayats of Sirmaur district’s Transgiri area, has been advocating for ST status.
  • The government's move follows the passage of the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Second Amendment) Bill, 2023, and subsequent notification by the President on August 4, 2023.
  • The delay in implementation was due to the state government seeking clarification from the Centre.

Need for Granting ST Status:

  • The Hatti community's demand for ST status echoes similar recognition granted to the JaunsarBawar area of Uttarakhand in 1967.
  • Despite similarities in social, cultural, and geographical aspects between Hatti and Jaunsari communities, the Transgiri area was excluded.
  • The recent decision rectifies this historical injustice, fulfilling a promise made to the Hatti community.

About Hatti Community of Himachal Pradesh:

  • The Hatti community of Sirmaur district’s Transgiri area has a unique cultural and historical background.
  • Their demand for ST status stems from the desire for equitable representation and socioeconomic empowerment.
  • The recent notification granting them Scheduled Tribes status marks a significant milestone in their journey for recognition.

Initiatives for Economic Growth:

  • The state Cabinet has launched the Phase2 of the Rajiv Gandhi SwarozgarStartUpYojna.
  • This initiative aims to provide loans and encourage individuals aged between 21 to 45 years to engage in businesses related to the installation of solar power plants.
  • The scheme, focusing on capacities ranging from 100 kW to 500 kW, aligns with the state's renewable energy targets.
  • This step is anticipated to create selfemployment opportunities and contribute to economic growth among the youth.
  • The Cabinet has also given the nod to the 'SarkarGaonKeDwar' program, scheduled from January 8 to 12, which will be conducted across the state.

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