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LS Speaker: ‘One nation, one legislative platform’ by 2023

Published: 18th Apr, 2022


In a recent development, the Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla conveyed that work for 'One Nation One Legislative Platform’ will be completed by 2023.


  • The idea was first proposed by Prime Minister- Narendra Modi at the 82nd All India Presiding Officers' Conference (AIPOC).


What is 'One Nation One Legislative Platform’ about?

  • One Nation One Legislative Platform idea is a portal that will connect all the democratic units of the country and give a much-needed technological boost to the parliamentary system.
  • It will make available the proceedings of both Houses of Parliament, state assemblies and legislative councils in the online mode.
  • All information related to the working of all legislatures, landmark legislations, all important debates, and best practices will be easily accessible to common public.

What are the issues with legislative functioning?

  • There has been increase in cases of legislative disruption, disorder, and indiscipline with frequent adjournments. It not only hinders representative democracy and erodes people faith in their representative but also is a huge wastage of tax-payers money.
  • Bills are passed without much debate and scrutiny. Many bills were passed in the same session in which they were introduced. It results in hasty legislation and reduces the accountability of executive to the legislature.
  • Less and less number of bills are been sent to committees for detailed scrutiny. It leads to inability of the Opposition to hold the government accountable for its action.
  • There has been a trend of declining seating of legislative especially Parliament.
    • In 2020, Parliament operated for 33 days only.
    • For the past 10 years, the Rajya Sabha has functioned for less than 25% of its scheduled time.
  • Increase in number of legislatures with criminal records wherein law breakers become law makers.
  • There has been a high degree of absenteeism. It showcases representative abstaining from their duties towards their electors.

How this technology intervention can help?

  • One stop platform to access all information related to legislative working.
  • It will help public to hold their representatives accountable and in turn legislators will be much more sensitive towards the need and demand of their electors.
  • Increase public scrutiny will ensure qualitative and constructive debates and thus a vibrant democracy.
  • Uniformity in rules and procedures of the legislatures will reduce complexity and help in ease of functioning.
  • It will bring greater synergy and coordination between the Legislature and the executive not only in a State, but also across the States.
  • Transforming governance by strengthening Right to Information Thus, ensuring high transparency in legislative functioning and making people well informed & enlighten citizens.
  • In line with the vision of Digital India and One Nation, One Standard.

Is 'One Nation One Legislative Platform’ against diversity and pluralism in India?

  • India with its 135 crore people is unlike any other nation in the world. With so much diversity in geography, culture, language, issues, etc., it is difficult to implement one nation theory.
  • The uniformity that it proposes may be seen as diluting federal character of the country and attacking its rich diversity.

Way forward

The platform aims at reforming the issues plaguing the legislative functioning. It will ensure cooperative federalism, good governance, participative democracy, and enlightened citizenry.

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