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Reboot of the GeM

Published: 5th Apr, 2024


The Government e Marketplace (GeM) plans to seek the Centre’s approval to enable work contracts for construction and building projects to also be bid out through the platform with a transparent monitoring mechanism to assess the progress in such contracts.

1: Dimension-Role of GeM in public procurement in India

  • Transparent process: GeM endeavours to make public procurement process transparent, efficient and inclusive.
  • Inclusiveness: It drives inclusiveness and ease of doing business (EoDB) with the government.
  • Standardization: It provides for standardization of processes backed by the regulatory framework
  • Automated system: It is a fully automated system enabled through advances technologies.
  • Efficiency:As an end-to-end online and integrated portal, GeM increases efficiency in public procurement by eliminating manual interventions at various stages of the procurement process.
  • Minimum Government, Maximum Governance: The platform has been effectively contributing to the government’s commitment of “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance”.

2: Dimension-Need of GeM in public procurement

  • The public procurement process involves several steps, starting with the government publishing a tender. Interested sellers participate, and once the participation deadline passes, the government (buyer) evaluates the bids to determine eligibility. The contract is then awarded to the bidder offering the lowest rate.
  • However, this process wasn't always as straightforward and transparent as it needed to be, which led to the introduction of the Government e-Marketplace (GeM).

Fact Box: About GeM

  • Launched in: 2016
  • GeM is an online platform for public procurement of goods and services.
  • The platform is now used for everything from critical defence procurements to services like aircraft chartering and printing of election-related material, envisaged for the coming year.
  • GeM Statistics: It offers over 12,000 product and 320 service categories generally sought by central and State government departments, and has even onboarded 90,000 Gram Panchayats as buyers.

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