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New spider from Thar desert named after Malayali arachnologist

  • Published
    24th Jun, 2022

A new species of spider discovered from the Thar Desert of Rajasthan has been named after a Malayalee arachnologist.

  • The new species of jumping spider, Pseudomogrus sudhii, has been named after Sudhikumar A.V., in recognition of his contributions to the field of Indian arachnology.
  • He is also founder of the Centre for Animal Taxonomy and Ecology (CATE).
  • This species inhabits dry grass blades of the desert.
  • It is the first report of this genus from India.
  • So far 35 species of spiders of this genus have been discovered worldwide.
  • The spider is only 4-mm long.
  • Dark brown coloured head of male is covered with small white hairs and has black eye region.
  • There is a dark mid-longitudinal band traversing the pale-yellow coloured abdomen.
  • Head of the female is yellow with black eyes. There are white spots on its light-yellow abdomen.

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