106TH Indian Science Congress

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    10th Jan, 2019


  • World’s largest science meet ‘Indian Science Congress (ISC)-2019’ was held in January 2019, in Jalandhar, Punjab.
  • It was based on the theme ‘Future India: Science and Technology’.


Major highlights of the ISC- 2019

  • During the five day long congress, around 100 plus conferences and events of scientific and technology origin were also held, where eminent personalities from DRDO, ISRO, DST, AIIMS, UGC, AICTE, and many elite universities of the USA, UK, India and other countries participated.
  • Children’s Science Congress was inaugurated wit focus on 10-17 years of children for carrying forward innovation and research in science to a next level.
  • Science Communicators’ Meet- 2019 aimed to brainstorm ways of dissemination of scientific information and inculcation of scientific attitude among masses.
  • Women’s Science Congress’ showcased the contribution of women in Science, Technology and the Society.
  • Renowned women scientists and leaders from Government, academia and industry, who are decision-makers delivered lectures and participate in panel discussions for promoting talent among women.
  • ‘Pride of India’ Expo to popularize science amongst the youth to further prepare brilliant scientists and innovators of tomorrow.
  • 37 awardees in the categories of Young Scientists, Best Poster presentation and Pride of India-Science Exhibition were honoured.

What is the origin of Indian Science Congress Association?

  • The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) owes its origin to the foresight and initiative of two British Chemists, namely, Professor J. L. Simonsen and Professor P.S. MacMahon.
  • It occurred to them that scientific research in India might be stimulated if an annual meeting of research workers somewhat on the lines of the British Association for the Advancement of Science could be arranged.
  • The first meeting of the Congress was held in January 1914 at the premises of the Asiatic Society, Calcutta.

What are the main objectives of the ISCA?

  • To advance and promote the cause of science in India
  • To hold an annual congress at a suitable place in India
  • To publish such proceedings, journals, transactions and other publications as may be considered desirable.
  • To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of Science including the rights of disposing of or selling all or any portion of the properties of the Association.
  • To do and perform any or all other acts, matters and things as are conductive to, or incidental to, or necessary for, the above objects.

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