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107th Indian Science Congress

Published: 6th Jan, 2020

107th Indian Science Congress

Recently, PM inaugurates the 107th Indian Science Congress at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru.


Recently, PM inaugurates the 107th Indian Science Congress at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru.


  • The theme of 107th Indian Science Congress is “Science and Technology: Rural Development”.
  • The Congress is to be hosted by Department of Science and Technology.

Facts about Science Status in the world

  • India now stands at 3rd position globally, in the number of Peer-reviewed Science and Engineering Publications.
  • India has improved its ranking at Innovation Index to 52.
  • Government programmes have created more incubators in the last 5 years.
  • Technology is being harnessed at a large scale to achieve the objective of Good Governance. 
  • The event acts as a common platform for researchers, scientists and academicians. Around 28 plenary sessions are to be held during the event. It includes leading technologies such as Climate Smart Agriculture for food security, challenges in cancer drugs, nano materials for energy, solutions for oil and gas, environment and health care. For the first time, Farmers Science Congress is to be held on the sidelines of Indian Science
  • Farmers Science Congress: The congress will cover themes of innovation on integrated agriculture. It will also focus on themes of doubling farmers’ income, farmer empowerment, conservation, bio diversity, etc. The experts from ICAR (Indian council of Agricultural Research) and UAS (University of Agricultural Sciences) will also participate at the event along with the farmers whose innovative methodologies have brought in huge harvests.
  • Children Science Congress: The Children Science Congress also called the “Rashtriya Kishre Vaiguanik Sammelana” will also be held alongside 107th India Indian Science Congress. The aim of the congress is to motivate students and increase their participation in scientific and technological fields. Apart from these, women science congress will also be held showcasing women achievements. Also, VC Science congress will be held to address the need of higher education institutions. The event will also hold Science Communicators Meet.

Origin of Indian Science Congress Association

  • The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) owes its origin to the foresight and initiative of two British Chemists, namely, Professor J. L. Simonsen and Professor P.S. MacMahon.
  • It occurred to them that scientific research in India might be stimulated if an annual meeting of research workers somewhat on the lines of the British Association for the Advancement of Science could be arranged.
  • The first meeting of the Congress was held in January 1914 at the premises of the Asiatic Society, Calcutta.

What are the main objectives of the ISCA?

  • To advance and promote the cause of science in India
  • To hold an annual congress at a suitable place in India
  • To publish such proceedings, journals, transactions and other publications as may be considered desirable.
  • To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of Science including the rights of disposing of or selling all or any portion of the properties of the Association.
  • To do and perform any or all other acts, matters and things as are conductive to, or incidental to, or necessary for, the above objects.


The events like Indian Science Congress will help in auguring scientific temper in the younger population and it will also help India in scaling higher feats.

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