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Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme

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    12th Nov, 2018

India has joined Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme (AMF TCP) as its 16th member.


India has joined Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme (AMF TCP) as its 16th member.


Advanced Motor Fuels (AMF)

  • It is one of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) transportation related Technology Collaboration Programmes. Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) are multilateral technology initiatives that encourage technology-related activities that support energy security, economic growth and environmental protection.
  • The primary goal of joining AMF TCP by Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas is to facilitate the market introduction of Advanced Motor fuels/ Alternate fuels with an aim to bring down emissions and achieve higher fuel efficiency in transport sector

The R & D work in AMF TCP is carried out within individual projects called "Annexes". Over the years, more than 50 Annexes have been initiated. Following fuels have been covered in previous annexes:

  • Reformulated fuels (gasoline and diesel)
  • Biofuels (ethanol, biodiesel etc.)
  • Synthetic fuels (methanol, Fischer-Tropsch, DME etc.)
  • Gaseous fuels (natural gas, biogas, LPG, hydrogen etc.)

Prerequisites of AMFs: One or more of the following criteria must be fulfilled;

  • Reduces GHG emissions
  • Improves life-cycle efficiency
  • Has high energy efficiency
  • Has low toxic emissions
  • Enables fuels for new propulsion systems
  • Contributes to security of supply

Private party may join as a sponsor, without the need for the government of its country to join. Special terms and conditions apply for sponsors.

Benefits of participation in AMF TCP:

  • Shared costs and access to pooled technical resources
  • Duplication of efforts will be avoided
  • National Research and Development capabilities will be strengthened
  • Information exchange about best practices, network of researchers and linking research with practical implementation.
  • It will enable India to initiate R&D in other areas of its interest in advanced biofuels and other motor fuels in view of their crucial role in substituting fossil fuel imports
  • National Policy on Biofuels-2018 focusses on giving impetus to R&D in field of advanced biofuels which can be produced from various kind of wastes such as crop residues, Municipal solid waste, Industrial waste, waste gases, Food waste, plastic etc. Association with AMF TCP will enhance the pace of R&D and deployment of advanced fuels in transport sector.

    International Energy Agency 

    • The IEA is a Paris based autonomous intergovernmental organization.
    • It was established in the framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD) in 1974 in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis.
    • It ensures reliable, affordable and clean energy for its 30 member countries and beyond.
    • Four main areas of focus: energy security, economic development, environmental awareness and engagement worldwide.

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