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    2nd Sep, 2020


In a latest development, the Delhi-based principal bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal initiated hearing of matters pertaining to regional benches through video conferencing.


  • The Armed Forces Tribunal Act 2007, was passed by the Parliament and led to the formation of AFT with the power provided for the adjudication or trial by Armed Forces Tribunal of disputes and complaints with respect to commission, appointments, enrolments and conditions of service in respect of persons subject to
    • The Army Act, 1950
    • The Navy Act, 1957
    • The Air Force Act, 1950
  • It can further provide for appeals arising out of orders, findings or sentences of courts- martial held under the said Acts and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.


  • Besides the Principal Bench in New Delhi, AFT has Regional Benches at
    • Chandigarh
    • Lucknow
    • Kolkatta
    • Guwahati
    • Chennai
    • Kochi
    • Mumbai
    • Jaipur
  • With the exception of the Chandigarh and Lucknow Regional Benches, which have three benches each, all other locations have a single bench.
  • For a total of 11 benches of AFT, which includes Principal Bench and 10 regional benches spread all over the country, 34 judicial and administrative members have been sanctioned by the government.

Composition of the Bench

  • Each Bench comprises of a Judicial Member and an Administrative Member.
  • The Judicial Members are retired High Court Judges and Administrative Members are retired Members of the Armed Forces who have held rant of Major General/ equivalent or above for a period of three years or more, Judge Advocate General (JAG), who have held the appointment for at least one year are also entitled to be appointed as the Administrative Member.
  • The Tribunal shall transact their proceedings as per the Armed Forces Tribunal (Procedure) rules, 2008. All proceedings in the Tribunal will be in English. The Tribunal will normally follow the procedure as is practiced in the High Courts of India.

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