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ASAT missile

Published: 10th Aug, 2019

Mission Shakti initiated for successful anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test


Mission Shakti initiated for successful anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test


About the missile

  • Anti-satellite weapons (ASAT) are space weapons designed to incapacitate or destroy satellites for strategic military purposes.
  • No ASAT system has yet been utilised in warfare, a few nations have shot down their own satellites to demonstrate their ASAT capabilities in a show of force.
  • India conducted Mission Shakti, an anti-satellite missile test, from the Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Island launch complex. This was a technological mission carried out by DRDO.
  • The significance of the test is that India has tested and successfully demonstrated its capability to interdict and intercept a satellite in outer space based on complete indigenous technology.
  • With this test, the country joins an exclusive group of space faring nations consisting of USA, Russia, and China.
  • The test was done in the lower atmosphere to ensure that there is no space debris. Whatever debris that is generated will decay and fall back onto the earth within weeks.
  • The test is not directed against any country. India’s space capabilities do not threaten any country and nor are they directed against anyone.

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