Bhungroo water harvesting system

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    12th Nov, 2018


A Geneva based firm Firmenich has installed a unique water harvesting system, named as Bhungroo, near Coimbatore to help farmers overcome water deficiency during dry months.


  • It is a water harvesting technique that uses an injection module to store excess rain water underground. Farmers can then use the same water for irrigation during summer and winter.
  • Bhungroo means “straw” in Gujarati and has been in use in Gujarat since 2002. It is currently being used in Tamil Nadu for horticulture crops.
  • It is also used to prevent soil salinity in marshy areas by checking water logging by injecting excess water into the ground.

Technology involved:

  • Lowest point of the catchment area is identified after hydrological survey of the area.
  • A pipe with a diameter of 5 inches is drilled into the ground up to aquifer or water table.
  • Rain water usually flow towards lowest point and goes into the ground.


Water stored helps in maintaining ground water level and thus moisture of the soil is maintained during dry spells.


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