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Buxa Tiger Reserve, Tiger Spotted after 4 years

Published: 5th Jan, 2024


Experts say an increase in its prey base, expansion of the grassland, and controlling human interaction are potential reasons for the tiger’s comeback.

Tiger's Return Sparks Hope for Buxa National Park:

The elusive big cat was captured on camera traps, renewing hopes for its permanent residence in the park. This development has raised expectations of potential relocations of villages from the core area, signaling positive changes in the ecosystem.

Previous Disappointment and Recent Sighting: A Two-Year Journey

In December 2019, a brief sighting of a tiger in Buxa National Park left wildlife enthusiasts longing for more. Disappointment ensued as the big cat disappeared from view.

Buxa Tiger Reserve: Vital Statistics and Geographical Significance

  • Covering 760 square kilometers, Buxa Tiger Reserve and National Park are situated in North Bengal’s Alipurduar district.
  • Its strategic location along the border with Bhutan and connectivity corridors with neighboring forests make it an essential part of the larger tiger territory stretching into Bhutan and connecting with Manas Tiger Reserve and Jaldapara National Park.

Wildlife Conservation Initiatives: Creating an Ideal Habitat

  • The Field Director of Buxa Tiger Reserve, highlights ongoing efforts to reduce human interference, enhance grasslands, and increase the prey base.
  • The reserve, characterized as a "low density" area, has introduced spotted deer, expanded grasslands, and created watering holes to foster an ideal habitat for tigers.

Future Plans and Prospects

  • The additional chief conservator of forest, North Bengal, shares plans to relocate villages from the core area.
  • This strategic move aims to minimize human presence, creating an environment conducive to the natural behavior of tigers.
  • The tiger augmentation and monitoring project, initiated in 2018, has been instrumental in these conservation efforts.

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