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Camera to experience Animals’ Vision

Published: 23rd Mar, 2024


Researchers have put together a new camera with the ability to view the world like animals do. The device can even reveal what colours different animals see in motion.


  • Organisms with the ability to see have two or more eyes that capture light reflected by different surfaces in their surroundings and turn it into visual cues.
  • But while all eyes have this common purpose, the specialised cells that respond to the light, called photoreceptors, are unique to each animal. For instance,
    • Human eyes can only detect wavelengths of light between 380 and 700 nanometres (nm); this is the visible range.
    • Honey bees and many birdson the other hand can also ‘see’ ultraviolet light (10-400 nm).
  • Animals use colours to intimidate their predators, entice mates or conceal themselves. Detecting variations in colours is thus essential to an animal’s survival.
  • Animals have evolved to develop highly sensitive photoreceptors that can detect light of ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths; many even notice polarised light as part of their Umwelt.
    • Umwelt is the biological systems that make a specific system of meaning-making and communication possible.

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