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Climate Change Performance Index 2024

Published: 21st Dec, 2023


India's secured 7th position in recently released Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2024 underscoring its notable role and contribution in the ongoing global efforts aimed at mitigating climate change.

What are the Major Takeaways From CCPI 2024?

  • About: CCPI, published annually since 2005, is an independent monitoring tool for tracking countries’ climate protection performance. It increasestransparency in national and international climate policy and enables comparison of individual countries’ climate protection efforts and progress.
    • It is published by Germanwatch, the NewClimate Institute, and Climate Action Network International.
    • It indicates theclimate mitigation efforts of 63 countries and the EU, which collectively account for over 90% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Performance Metrics:The CCPI evaluates countries across four key categories: Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions (40%), Renewable Energy (20%), Energy Use (20%), and Climate Policy (20%).
  • CCPI 2024:No country performed well enough in all index categories to achieve an overall very high rating. The first three overall positions therefore remain empty.
    • Denmarkclaimed the 4th spot, Estonia followed in 5th place, and the Philippines secured the 6th position among the top ranks.

  • India’s Ranking in CCPI 2024:India secured the 7th position in the CCPI 2024, exhibiting a stride forward from 8th spot in CCPI 2023. Interestingly, due to the absence of countries in the first three spots, India effectively stands 4th in global climate performance.

India’s Score and Rankings in Key Categories:

  • GHG Emissions & Energy Use:India ranked 9th in GHG Emissions and 10th in Energy Use among assessed countries, largely attributed to its lower per capita energy use, a factor bolstering its climate standing.
    • Also, in the per capita GHG category, the country is on track to meet a benchmark of well below 2°C.
  • Climate Policy: India secured the 10thspot in Climate Policy, showcasing moderate progress compared to its performance in previous assessments.
  • Renewable Energy: India's performance showed a more moderate rank, standing at 37th, barely remaining within the 'high' performance category.
    • This position marks a decline from the 24thspot in CCPI 2023.

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