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Coalbed methane (CBM)

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    Science & Technology
  • Published
    3rd Dec, 2019

Global Coal Bed Methane Market Growth Analysis, Forecasts To 2025


Global Coal Bed Methane Market Growth Analysis, Forecasts To 2025


  • Coalbed methane, coalbed gas, coal seam gas or coal-mine methane is a form of natural gas extracted from coal beds.
  • In recent decades it has become an important source of energy in United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.
  • The term refers to methane adsorbed into the solid matrix of the coal. It is called 'sweet gas' because of its lack of hydrogen sulphide.
  • The presence of this gas is well known from its occurrence in underground coal mining, where it presents a serious safety risk.
  • India has fifth-largest proven coal reserves in the world. So it has significant prospects for exploiting CBM.


Where is coalbed methane found?

  • Coalbed methane is associated with coal deposits, and is found in coal seams.
  • In the past, the gas was the cause of numerous explosions in underground mines. More recently, the gas has been vented to the surface from underground mines.
  • Various basins in the Rocky Mountains hold much of this country's coalbed methane resources.


How is coalbed methane extracted from coal?

  • When water is removed from a coal seam, it lowers the reservoir pressure.
  • Methane that was held in place by water pressure tends to follow the water as it is pumped to the surface, where it is captured and transported through pipelines to storage facilities or shipped.
  • This relatively inexpensive and straightforward procedure has made coalbed methane a useful, easily accessible form of energy.


Advantages of CBM as a fuel

  • CBM is an environmentally safe gas
  • It will halt its emission into environment and thus reducing emission of greenhouse gas from coal mining.
  • It would help in increasing the domestic gas production.


Challenges and concerns:

  • Global methane emissions from coal mines are projected to for approximately 8 percent of total global methane emissions.
  • Disturbance of lands drilled and its effect on wildlife habitats results in ecosystem damage.
  • CBM production behaviour is complex and difficult
  • Water discharges from CBM development could potentially have on downstream water sources.
  • Issue of high salinized water that is removed in the process of extraction is released into freshwater ecosystems could have adverse effects.

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