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Cyclone Gulab

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    5th Oct, 2021


Recently, Cyclone Gulab made landfall on the eastern coast of India.


About cyclone Gulab

  • This name gulab is proposed by Pakistan which means (pronounced as Gul-Aab) Rose. 
  • The Gulab cyclone is formed in the Bay of Bengal. 
  • In the 22 years of the 21st century, Cyclone Gulab is only the third Bay of Bengal cyclone to make landfall in September, during the active monsoon season.

 What are tropical cyclones?

  • Tropical cyclones are low pressure systems that form over warm tropical waters. 
  • They typically form when the sea-surface temperature is above 26.5°C. 
  • Tropical cyclones can continue for many days, even weeks, and may follow quite erratic paths. 
  • A cyclone will dissipate once it moves over land or over cooler oceans.

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