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‘First Silk Processing Plant in Gujarat’

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    14th Jan, 2020

In a historic initiative taken by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), a first Silk Processing Plant has been inaugurated at Surendranagar in Gujarat.


In a historic initiative taken by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), a first Silk Processing Plant has been inaugurated at Surendranagar in Gujarat.


Key-details of the plant:

  • The plant has been set up by a khadi institution at a cost of Rs 75 lack in which KVIC has contributeed Rs 60 lakh.
  • The unit has employed 90 local women, 70 of which belong to the Muslim community.
  • The plant would help cut down the cost of production of silk yarn drastically and increase the sale and availability of raw material for Gujarati Patola Sarees locally. 
  • Surendranagar district is a backward district in Gujarat where KVIC has invested Rs. 60 Lakhs to build the Silk Processing Plant, in order to generate livelihood and boost sales of Patola Sarees by making silk more ready available at a low cost, for the Patola Saree manufacturers in the nearby area.

What was the need to setup plant in Gujarat?

  • Reason being the raw material silk yarn is purchased from Karnataka or West Bengal, where silk processing units are situated, thus increasing the cost of the fabric manifolds.
  • Now, cocoons will be brought from Karnataka and West Bengal and Silk yarn will be processed in house.
  • It will reduce the cost of production and give a major boost to the sale of famous Gujarati Patola Sarees.

Patola Sarees:

  • Patola, the trademark Saree of Gujarat, is considered to be very costly and worn only by the Royals or the Aristocrat.
  • Traditionally, every region in India has had its own unique weave for the Silk Saree.
  • It is quite notable that Patola Silk Saree is amongst the top five silk weaves which are desired in every Indian Saree Lover's wardrobe.
  • Given is the list of famous silk sarees found in different state of India:

Famous Silk Sarees


Benarasi Silk Saree

Uttar Pradesh

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

Tamil Nadu

Kasavu Saree


Paithani Silk Saree


Bandhini Saree 


Chanderi Saree

Madhya Pradesh

Muga Silk Saree


Leheriya Saree


Jamdani Saree


Sambalpuri Ikat Saree


Pochampally Saree 


Baluchari Silk Saree

West Bengal

Phulkari Saree


Chikankari Saree


Kalamkari Saree


Bomkai Saree


Tant Saree

West Bengal

Quick facts on ‘silk’ for Prelims:

  • Silk, one of the oldest fibers known to man, originated in China. India is the second largest producer of natural silk after China.
  • Silk is produced from the cocoons of mulberry silkworm via a process called Sericulture. The yarns produced from the process of sericulture are used to weave a variety of textiles.
  • India produces four varieties of silk produced:
    • Mulberry
    • Eri
    • Tasar
    • Muga
  • In India, the Central Silk Board, a statutory body, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Textiles is responsible for the development of silk industries across the country.

About Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC):

  • The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament.
  • In April 1957, it took over the work of former All India Khadi and Village Industries Board.
  • The broad objectives that the KVIC has set before it are:
  • The social objective of providing employment.
  • The economic objective of producing saleable articles.
  • The wider objective of creating self-reliance amongst the poor and building up of a strong rural community spirit.

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