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India launches Chakshu

Published: 8th Mar, 2024


The Department of Telecommunications launched the Digital Intelligence Platform and Chakshu as part of the Sanchar Saathi portal, which was unveiled in May last year.



  • Chakshu can be used by citizens to report suspected fraudulent communication, wherein users can report numbers, messages and phishing attempts.
  • Users can log on to the Chakshu window inbuilt on the Sanchar Saathi portal and fill out a form with details pertaining to the medium of the fraud communication, such as SMS, call or WhatsApp.
  • Users are then required to define what category the communication fits in, such as sextortion, fake consumer helpline, fake KYC, and impersonation, among others.
  • This is followed by screenshots of the communication and any other details to be added.

Digital Intelligence Platform

  • The Digital Intelligence Platform is an inter-agency effort to enable the sharing of cybercriminal data between banks, social media platforms, and wallet operators, among other stakeholders.

Sanchar Saathi platform

  • Launched in: 2023
  • Introduced by: Department of Telecommunications
  • The Sanchar Saathi Portal is an innovative initiative aimed at empowering mobile subscribers and enhancing their security while increasing awareness of government initiatives.

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