India ranked 40th on International Intellectual Property Index

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    6th Apr, 2021


India is ranked 40 among 53 economies through the latest annual edition of the International Intellectual Property (IP) Index.


  • What is the IIP Index?
  • It is released annually by the US Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Centre (GIPC).
  • The Index aims to evaluate Intellectual Property rights in 53 global economies through-
    • patent and copyright policies
    • commercialization of IP assets
    • ratification of international treaties

International Intellectual Property Index 2020

  • India is ranked 40th in 2021, by scoring 38.4 out of 100. India has shown real improvement over the past few years.
  • Top Countries: The United States, Japan, and Europe are at the top of the intellectual property rankings.
  • Improvement: The overall global IP environment has been improved in 2020, with the positive score increasing in 32 of the 53 economies measured by the IP Index.

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