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Indigenous Mobile Hospital (BHISHM)

Published: 27th Jan, 2024

Indigenous Mobile Hospital (BHISHM)


Amid preparations for the upcoming 'PranPratishtha' ceremony in Ayodhya, two cutting-edge ArogyaMaitri Disaster Management Cubes, part of the broader "Project BHISHM," have been strategically deployed to enhance medical readiness.


About Project BHISHM

  • "Project BHISHM" (Bharat Health Initiative for Sahyog, Hita, and Maitri) is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide rapid and comprehensive care for up to 200 casualties during emergencies.
  • The ArogyaMaitri Disaster Management Cube, a key component, incorporates cutting-edge technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics, for effective coordination and real-time monitoring.

Rapid Deployment and Flexibility

  • The cube comprises 72 easily transportable components, facilitating swift deployment within an astounding 12 minutes.
  • Its unparalleled flexibility allows transport by hand, cycle, or even drone.
  • This capability proves crucial in bridging the crucial time gap from primary care to definitive care, potentially saving lives in emergencies.

Features of the Aid Cube

- Robust, waterproof, and lightweight design.

- Configurable for various emergency scenarios, from airdrops to ground transportation.

- Advanced medical equipment RFID-tagged for efficient repacking and redeployment.

- Integration of state-of-the-art BHISHM software for quick item location and monitoring.

The World's First Portable Disaster Hospital

  • Developed in India, the portable disaster hospital, a set of "mini-cubes," is hailed as the world's first.
  • Its readiness to be shared globally marks a significant milestone.

Lifesaving Capabilities

The portable hospital 'Project BHISHMA,' includes:

- Fully equipped operation theatre.

- Mini-ICUs and ventilators.

- Blood-testing equipment and X-ray machine.

- Cooking station for self-sufficiency.

- Capabilities to handle various injuries, including bullet, burn, head, spinal, and chest injuries, fractures, and major bleeding.

Modular Setup

  • The life-saving equipment is packed in "mini-cubes" carried in an "AarogyaMaitri Cube Cage."
  • These cubes are used to set up a mobile hospital, offering flexibility in deployment based on space availability.
  • Two 'AarogyaMaitri' mother cubes combine to form a complete kit, ensuring water- and corrosion-proof storage.

Global Humanitarian Efforts

  • Under 'Project BHISHMA,' India is positioned to provide critical medical supplies to developing countries facing natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies.
  • Deployments in Sri Lanka and Myanmar showcase India's commitment to global humanitarian efforts.

Future Considerations: India is actively exploring deploying these mobile hospitals in remote tribal areas, showcasing the potential for broader applications in enhancing healthcare accessibility in challenging terrains.

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