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Jan Soochna Portal

Published: 24th Sep, 2019

Jan Soochna Portal (JSP) launched by Rajasthan government is a landmark achievement in the furtherance of right to information.


Jan Soochna Portal (JSP) launched by Rajasthan government is a landmark achievement in the furtherance of right to information.


  • Jan Soochna Portal is the first ever public information portal launched by the government of Rajasthan.
  • Section 4(2) of the Right to Information (RTI) Act of 2005 requires public authorities to disclose information proactively. The Jan Soochna Portal will not require citizens to submit RTI application for seeking information.
  • Aim: To provide information on government services and authorities to public suo moto in the true spirit of right to information.
  • The portal will prevent anomalies and corruption in government.
  • A mobile app will be developed and self-service portals will be installed in villages so that people can access the Jan Soochna Portal easily and get the information they require.


  • Transparency must be accompanied by accountability, and that is where the JSP has great value and significance since it places the power of making the State government accountable to everyone who accesses the information made available on the portal.
  • The best advantage is that if a number of identified persons, for instance, in a particular area had not availed themselves of any rations or other scheme for several months can be easily contacted and if they do not want to avail the benefits available to them, they can surrender it in favour of some other deserving person. 


Training of Citizens: The government of Rajasthan has also taken steps to train citizens so that they are aware of the facilities available. This by itself may not be enough. Therefore, it has been decided to host the JSP in decentralized locations, right down to the municipal ward and Panchayat levels. They will have access to welfare schemes, revenue activities such as mining, and other service delivery issues such as health and education.

The development, operationalization and maintenance of the JSP are huge challenges. The Rajasthan government has issued directions to all departments for the digitization of all records.


It would be wonderful if all other State governments follow the Rajasthan government’s initiative, which aims to make people, including the marginalised sections, a part of the governance process.

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