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Lord Jagannathrathyatra commences in Gujarat

Published: 19th Jul, 2021

Lord Jagannathrathyatra commences in Gujarat

The 144th annual rathyatra of Lord Jagannath began in Gujarat's Ahmedabad city.


The 144th annual rathyatra of Lord Jagannath began in Gujarat's Ahmedabad city.


About the JagannathRathYatra

  • JagannathRathYatra is one of the biggest festivals in India.
  • It is held at one of the Char Dhams – Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha.
  • Deities:LordJagannath, Lord Balbhadra and LordessSubhadra.

Lord Jagannath

  • Jagannath is a deity worshipped in regional Hindu traditions as part of a triad along with his brother Balabhadra and sister, deviSubhadra.
  • Jagannath within Odia Hinduism is the supreme god, Purushottama.
  • To most Vaishnava Hindus, particularly the Krishnaites, Jagannath is an abstract representation of Krishna.
  • Sometimes as the avatar of Krishna or Vishnu, to some Shaiva and Shakta Hindus, he is a symmetry-filled tantric form of Bhairava, a fierce manifestation of Shiva associated with annihilation.
  • JagannathRathYatra is celebrated by worshipping Lord Jagannath (ruler of the world), his elder brother Balbhadra (Balaram) and sister Subhadra.
    • Three giant wooden chariots are made of a kind of Neem tree for the deities for the yatra.
  • The journey of the chariots of Lord Jagannath, his brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadra began from the 400-year-old Jagannath temple in Jamalpur area.
  • It started with 'PahindVidhi'- a symbolic ritual of cleaning the way for the 'raths' (chariots).
  • It is the oldest RathaYatra taking place in India and the World, whose descriptions can be found in Brahma Purana, Padma Purana, and SkandaPurana and KapilaSamhita.

Jagannath Temple, Puri

  • The Jagannath Temple at Puri is among the most revered Vaishnava sites in India.
  • The current temple was built by Anantavarman of the Chodaganga dynasty in the 12th century.
  • The deities in the sanctum are associated with King Indrayumna of the Iksvaku dynasty, who was the nephew of Lord Ram.
  • The Jagannath Temple celebrates 148 festivals annually, which includes 12 yatras, 28 upayatras and 108 ritualistic festivals.
  • Among these the RathaYatra festival of Jagannath deva celebrated in the month of Asadha (June-July) is the most well-known one.

Temple architectures in India

1. Nagara Style

  • Examples: KandariyaMahadev Temple in Madhya Pradesh, Sun Temple at Modhera, Lakshman Temple of Khajuraho, Sun Temple at Konark, Jagannath Temple at Puri.

2. Vasara Style

  • Examples: Hoysala temples at Belur, Halebidu and Somnathpura

3. Dravidian Style

  • Example: Chennakesava Temple in Belur, Hoysaleswara temple in Halebidu, and the Kesava Temple in Somanathapura. 

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