Madhya Pradesh set to get its seventh tiger reserve - Ratapani Tiger Reserve

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    8th Oct, 2019


A committee set up by the state government to finalise contours of the core and buffer areas of the proposed reserve, to be carved out of the Ratapani wildlife sanctuary, has submitted its report.


  • Recently declared the Tiger State of India, Madhya Pradesh is inching closer to getting its seventh tiger reserve — the Ratapani Tiger Reserve.
  • Of the 823.065 sq km area of the existing sanctuary, 763.812 sq km has been redrawn as the core and the remaining 59.253 sq km will be the buffer area of the proposed reserve.
  • While residents of Dantkhow village have been relocated, the process to relocate residents of three other villages is on.
  • About 40 tigers live in the areas falling in the proposed reserve and it will be one of the bigger reserves in the state.
  • The sanctuary is spread over Raisen and Sehore districts, but the tiger reserve will also include some part of the Bhopal forest division.

Ratapani Tiger Reserve

  • Established in the year 1976, the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary boasts a forest area of around 688 sq km – mainly comprising a beautiful teak forest.
  • The Ratapani Tiger Reserve, located in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, in Vindhya Range.
  • Other tree species found here include bijasal, saj, tendu and khair.
  • Although the tiger holds the position of top predator in the park, leopards, striped hyenas, jackals, Indian foxes and wild dogs also inhabit its forested tracts.
  • Members of the deer family such as chausingha, chinkara, and barasingha are spotted often, and you can also expect to see herds of nilgai, the largest Indian antelope.
  • Around 150 species of birds can be spotted here. Birders can expect to spot the Indian robin, white spotted fantail fly-catcher, crimson breasted barbet and the State Bird of MP – paradise flycatcher, amongst other species.
  • Many rare migratory birds from Tibet, Nepal, Russia and Siberia also visit this sanctuary and are a great attraction.
  • Dahod Dam, Ratapani Dam and Barna Dam are large water bodies inside the park and home to aquatic avifauna such as ducks, geese, cranes, storks and snipes. Among reptiles, pythons and crocodiles are also seen here.

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