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  • Category
    International Relations
  • Published
    19th Aug, 2021


Recently, the 'AL - Mohed AL - Hindi' two countries' training between India and Saudi Arabia began on August 12 on the coast of Al Jubail.


About the Exercise

  • This is the first-ever naval exercise between both nations.
  • India’s guided-missile destroyer INS Kochi will participate in the exercise.
  • The joint naval exercise will show the growing defense and military cooperation between India and Saudi Arabia.
  • The exercise is taking place due to rising tension in the Gulf region after the drone attack on a merchant tanker off Oman.
  • It will showcase the reflection of growing cooperation between Saudi Arabia and India.

The Importance of Indian Participation in Bilateral Exercises

  • It is an indication of the high level of trust and confidence among the member nations.
  • It is an important means of building confidence (CBM) and an indication of the faith placed by India in another nation or group of member states.
  • It is a tool for projection of a nation’s soft power i.e. culture, language, customs, beliefs, food habits and lifestyle.

Other Military Exercise of India

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Indian Navy

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Indian Air Force

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