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New class of stellar system called 'blue blobs' found: Research

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    Science & Technology
  • Published
    6th Jul, 2022


According to the researchers at University of Arizona, a new class of stellar systems has been identified- they’re not quite galaxies and only exist in isolation.


Stellar Systems:

  • The stellar systems -- which astronomers say appear through a telescope as "blue blobs" and are about the size of tiny dwarf galaxies.
  • The new stellar systems appear as "blue blobs" through a telescope.
  • The new stellar systems contain only young, blue stars, and are about the size of tiny dwarf galaxies.
  • The blue stars are distributed in an irregular pattern and seem to exist in surprising isolation from any potential parent galaxy.

Where are the Stellar Systems Located?

  • The stellar systems are located within the relatively nearby Virgo galaxy cluster.
  • It is challenging to identify the origins of the five systems because they are separated from any potential parent galaxies by over 300,000 light years in some cases.

Difference between Stars Born Red and Blue Stars

  • Stars that are born red have lower mass and therefore live longer than blue stars, which burn fast and die young.
  • Therefore, old red stars are usually the last ones left living. The blue stars are dead because they do not have any more gas with which to form new stars. 
  • The blue stars are like an oasis in the desert. 

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