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Special session of Parliament

Published: 7th Sep, 2023

Special session of Parliament


Special Session of Parliament (13th Session of 17th Lok Sabha and 261st Session of Rajya Sabha) has been called from September 18-22 having 5 sittings.

What does a Special session mean?

  • The Constitution does not mention the term “special session.” The President, who summons a regular Parliamentary session will summon this session also as per provisions of Article 85(1) of the Constitution.

The Constitution does not define a ‘special session’; however, Article 352 (Proclamation of Emergency) of the Constitution does refer to a “special sitting of the House”.

  • The government determines the date and duration of parliamentary sessions.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs takes this decision.
  • It currently has ten Ministers, including those for Defence, Home, Finance, Agriculture, Tribal Affairs, Parliamentary Affairs, and Information and Broadcasting.
  • The Law Minister and the Minister of State for External Affairs are special invitees to the Committee.
  • The President is informed about the Committee’s decision, who then summons Members of Parliament to meet for the session.

Constitutional Provisions:

  • The Constitution specifies that six months should not elapse between two parliamentary sessions.
  • This provision is a colonial legacy. The framers of the Constitution borrowed it from the Government of India Act of 1935.
  • It allowed the British Governor General to call a session of the central legislature at his discretion, requiring that the gap between two sessions should not be more than 12 months.

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