Suranga Bawadi on World Monument Watch list


Suranga Bawadi, an integral part of the ancient Karez system of supplying water through subterranean tunnels built during Adil Shahi era in Vijayapura, is now set to get funding for restoration.


  • The unique underground water system in Vijayapura will receive funds for restoration work.
  • A New York-based non-governmental organisation has included it in the World Monument Watch list for 2020 along with 24 other monuments from across the world.
  • The monument has been selected under the ‘Ancient Water System of the Deccan Plateau’.
  • Suranga Bawadi is expected to get funds for restoration within the next two years.
  • World Monuments Fund works in collaboration with the local stakeholders, including the district administration, the Archaeological Survey of India, and local explorers of ancient monuments, in highlighting the need for the restoration of ancient monuments.

Karez System

  • Ancient water system ‘Karez’ which is believed to be one of the best systems in the world.
  • Karez System is a method to harness water in which groundwater is brought to the surface by a tunnel.
  • No mechanical pump or lift is used in the system.
  • Karez system was built in the 16th century by Ali Adil Shah–I, his successor, Ibrahim Adil Shah–II, brought in several changes by adding more structures to strengthen it.
  • Adil Shahis built the magnificent underground system to supply water to the city.

World Monuments Watch

  • The World Monuments Watch is a global, nomination-based program that uses cultural heritage conservation to empower communities and improve human well-being.
  • Through heritage, the program seeks to improve the resilience of communities, enhance social inclusion, and build new capacities in the heritage conservation field and beyond.
  • Since its inception in 1996, the program has included 814 sites in 136 countries and territories.

How are the sites been selected?

  • Sites included on the Watch are in need of urgent or timely action.
  • To be selected for inclusion on the program, nominators must describe the major challenges that the stakeholders of a site are confronted with.
  • Those challenges are diverse, and they may include the risk that a place may be permanently altered or lost.

Funding for the sites

  • Inclusion on the Watch program results in various forms of assistance from World Monuments Fund, including financial support for interventions that use heritage conservation to deliver tangible social benefits.
  • World Monuments Fund is not a grant making institution, and no minimum or maximum amounts of funding are guaranteed.
  • Rather, through the Watch program, World Monuments Fund partners with local stakeholders to jointly design and implement targeted conservation programs, with budgets that vary.

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