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Vyommitra’s skills get a lift off with digital grey matter

Published: 14th Oct, 2022


Vyommitra’, the humanoid designed and developed by the ISRO has been successfully integrated with a computer ‘brain’ which enables it to ‘read’ control panels aboard and communicate with the ISRO ground stations.


About VyomMitra:
  • The humanoid has been developed by the ISRO Inertial Systems Unit, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • VyomMitra is a half-humanoidand her body stops at the torso and has no legs.
  • The humanoid will simulate the human functions required for space before real astronauts take off.
  • She has been designed to resemble a human with facial expressionsand speech and sight.
  • Vyommitra is also set to get a digital twin. The ‘twin’ will undergo computer simulations where the control systems are tested for microgravity conditions.
  • Vyommitra will fly aboard the first unmanned test flight ahead of the crewed Gaganyaan flight expected in 2024.

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