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World Parkinson's Day

Published: 18th Apr, 2022


World Parkinson's Day is observed every year on April 11 to spread awareness about the neurodegenerative disease.


About World Parkinson's Day:

  • The day marks the anniversary of James Parkinson who wrote the article - An Essay on the Shaking Palsy in 1817, recognizing the disease for the first time.
  • Theme: This year, the theme for the day is ‘integrated health care’ – considered vital for all those living with Parkinson’s disease.
    • The theme aims to stress the importance of a multidisciplinary approach involving mental health support, nutritional support, exercise, and language for the holistic well-being of those affected by this disease.

Parkinson’s disease:

  • The neurodegenerative movement disorder Parkinson's disease occurs when the dopamine-producing cells in a part of the brain called substantia nigra start to deteriorate.
  • Parkinson’s disease, a progressive nervous system disorder, primarily affects movement due to the loss of specific brain cells.
  • It mainly affects people over 60, although younger people are also at risk.
  • Symptoms: The symptoms of the disease are tremor in limbs, stiffness, problems in coordinating movements, posture problems, and sleep problems.
  • Some patients may also report behavioural changes like: Depression, Fatigue, Memory difficulties, and Sleep problems.
  • Parkinson's disease has no cure but it can be managed by making some dietary changes.
  • Fish oils, fava beans, antioxidant-rich meals, and foods strong in vitamins B1, C, and D are some of the foods that can help.  

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