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  • Published
    9th Dec, 2022

Topic: Polity & Governance

Meghalaya unveils Asia’s first drone delivery hub

  • The Meghalaya government in partnership with startup TechEagle has unveiled Asia’s first drone delivery hub and network.
  • It is aimed at providing universal access to healthcare for the people in the state.
  • The project is aimed at delivering vital supplies like drugs, diagnostic samples, vaccines, blood and blood components quickly and safely to different regions of the state using a dedicated drone delivery network.
  • With Asia’s first drone delivery network, the solution overcomes the problem of
    • lack of visibility
    • high delivery costs
    • outdated technology
    • inaccessibility through roads and railway networks

Topic: Environment

Greenland was once as green as its name, oldest DNA discovery reveals

World’s Oldest DNA Discovered

  • The oldest DNA ever recovered has revealed a remarkable two-million-year-old ecosystem in Greenland.
  • Exact location: The DNA is found locked in sediments in a region called Peary Land called Kap København at the farthest northern reaches of Greenland.
  • Technique: The researchers reconstructed ancient Peary Land using disembodied fragments of DNA.
  • Temperature: Two million years ago, North Greenland was much warmer than it is now. The average annual temperatures were about 11-19C hotter.
  • Species of that time: Genetic traces of elephant-like mastodons, reindeer and geese and poplar trees, and of marine life including horseshoe crabs and algae.
  • Present condition of Greenland: Today the area in North Greenland is a polar desert.

The previous record holder

  • Until now, the oldest DNA ever recovered came from a million-year-old mammoth tooth.
  • The oldest DNA ever found in the environment—rather than in a fossil specimen—was also a million years old and came from marine sediments in Antarctica. 

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