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18th February 2023 (8 Topics)

Short News Article

International Relations

World Government Summit

The World Government Summit 2023 held in Dubai. 

  • The World Government Summit is an annual event held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 
  • Theme 2023: Shaping Future Governments
  • It brings together leaders in government for a global dialogue about governmental process and policies with a focus on the issues of futurism, technology innovation and other topics.

International Relations

First global summit on AI in military domain

At a time when the use of artificial intelligence has triggered a raging conversation all over - with ChatGPT catching attention worldwide - the Netherlands hosted a two-day conference on risks, challenges, and responsibilities linked to the use of AI during a conflict. 


  • The responsible use of artificial intelligence in the military (REAIM 2023) is the first such summit.
  • Held in: The Hague (often termed as "the international city of peace and justice")
  • Co-host: Republic of Korea 
  • The REAIM 2023 brings together governments, corporations, academia, startups, and civil societies to raise awareness, discuss issues, and possibly, agree on common principles in deploying and using AI in armed conflicts.
  • An AI-powered weapon system could possibly make the army decide fast and be more efficient in a warzone. 

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