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22nd March 2023 (7 Topics)

Tightrope walk


  • Recently, Japan’s Prime minister visited New Delhi for coordinating the upcoming summit G7 and G20, in which India could play a significant role as a voice of Global South is a scene for India’s balance in geopolitics of world.

Details of the visit:

  • Points of discussion: Agendas on food and energy security issues arising mainly from the Ukraine conflict as well as unveiling Japan’s $75 billion plan for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP), to work with countries in the region on avoiding debt traps, building infrastructure, and enhancing maritime and air security were discussed.
  • Consensus against Ukraine War: The need for India, as G-20 president, to come on board with the G-7’s plans to address the Ukraine issue and call out “Russian aggression”.
  • Japan’s partnership with India: Chinese actions in its neighbourhood have left Japan concerned, and his FOIP plan includes India as an “indispensable partner”.
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