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23th December 2023 (8 Topics)

Why despite deft diplomacy, India did not get a seat at the UNESCO table


Despite skillful diplomatic efforts, India failed to secure a position at the UNESCO table.

UNESCO Election and Global South Diplomacy

  • Unexpected Defeat: India's surprising loss to Pakistan in the UNESCO Executive Board election prompts scrutiny of its Global South diplomacy.
  • Significance of Position: Despite the Vice President's role being relatively minor, the defeat raises questions about India's influence and support among developing nations.
  • Implications for Foreign Policy: The outcome challenges the efficacy of India's efforts to align with developing countries and advocate for their interests on the international stage.

Extradition Efforts and Judicial Diplomacy

  • Kim Davy Extradition Case: India's pursuit of Kim Davy's extradition from Denmark encounters challenges, leading to questions about India's diplomatic and judicial strategies.
  • Changing Dynamics: Despite initial strain, India's relations with Denmark normalize, but progress on the Davy case remains unclear.
  • Evaluating India's Approach: The absence of public updates on the matter prompts speculation about whether India is reconsidering its pursuit of Davy, raising concerns about consistency in foreign policy.

Italian Marines Case and Citizen Protection

  • Handling Judicial Outcomes: India's response to the Italian Marines case highlights the importance of monitoring legal proceedings abroad, especially when Indian lives are at stake.
  • Mission's Role: Questions arise about the Indian Mission's involvement in the case, emphasizing the need for proactive engagement even when unable to influence foreign judicial processes.
  • Public Perception: How India addresses such cases shapes global perceptions, underscoring the significance of consistent and vigilant diplomatic actions in safeguarding citizens' interests.
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