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AGRICULTURAL REFORMS: Ways to enhance Agricultural Production:-

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Published: 21st Nov, 2019

AGRICULTURAL REFORMS: Ways to enhance Agricultural Production:-

Efficient Management of Resources-

Sustainable management of soil health is a key area of concern for raising productivity of farms. Soil heath Card recommends suitable fertilizer mix as well as micronutrients for use in specific farm. Similarly, promotion and use of neem-coated urea also optimized its consumption and decreased cost of fertilizers.

New Crops-New Ways

High yielding varieties are developed with a target to increase crop yield by 15-20 per cent under normal conditions but efficient input management and scientific package of practices increase the potential upto 45 percent. Mechanization and energy management in agriculture is another core sector with excellent potential to increase productivity and farmers income.

Crop Diversity- Crop Intensity

The aim of crop diversification is to increase crop portfolio so that farmers are not dependent on a single crop to generate their income. Diversification also manages prick risk appropriately because all products will not suffer low market prices at the same time.

Livestock for Livelihood

Breed improvement, better feed and nutrition, animal health, and better heard composition are some of the important measures that can raise livestock productivity and farmers income.

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