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Criticism in the methods used

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Published: 14th Aug, 2019

Criticism in the methods used
  • The Camera Trap estimation of tiger numbers in source populations, in tiger reserves was poorly done which was a violation of capture-recapture modeling.
  • The estimated of prey species densities from line transects were poorly done which is against the current practices.
  • The complicated, ‘double-sampling’ based regression model is somewhat flawed and obsolete approach.
  • Their statistical methodology of relying on calibrations and regressions based on track and dung surveys to generate wider estimate tiger numbers in wider landscapes was also deeply flawed.
  • Based on Enumerators Subjective Ability to Identify Individual Tigers from Pugmarks.
  • Variation in Pugmarks with substratum, gait, and observers recording skills
  • Not possible to obtain Pugmarks from all Tiger Occupied Landscapes.
  • Camera trap method becomes useless in areas having salty waters. It damages the camera.
  • Not always that someone will get the poop of all the tigers in an area.
  • In Radio Collar Method the method fails when the concerned tiger enters the salty water.

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