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Digital Technology in Governance

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    19th Aug, 2020
  • It is the stoppage in the work of parliamentary committees which needs immediate attention. These committees are smaller sub-groups of MPs which meet outside the House to deliberate on issues of public importance. The committees play a critical role as they are tasked with the in-depth examination of government bills.
  • It is obvious that normalcy in the judicial process will not resume in a short time, even in an early period post lockdown phase. Therefore, it is an opportunity of the judiciary to adopt Information and communication technology, so that justice can reach everyone without any delay.
  • There is an unprecedented opportunity for community collective choice, whereby citizens who are affected by a set of governing rules can help to select and frame policy, rank spending priorities, and can, in partnership with their local government representatives.
  • Information Technology has ensured that a policy decision taken by the government can be quickly executed and implemented at multiple locations, across the length and breadth of the country.

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