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Draft National Energy Policy (NITI Aayog)

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    26th Aug, 2017
Introduction Energy is acknowledged as a key input towards raising the standard of living of citizens of any country, as is evident from the correlation between per capita electricity (a proxy for all energy forms) consumption and Human Development Index (HDI). The National Energy Policy (NEP) aims to chart the way forward to meet the Government’s recent bold announcements in the energy domain. The NEP proposes actions to meet the objectives in such a way that India’s economy is ‘energy ready’ in the year 2040. Hereby, compiling the gist of Draft National Energy Policy proposed by NITI Aayog. Index
1. Introduction
2. Energy Demand: Efficiency and Conservation
3. Status of Energy Supply
4. Facilitating Mechanisms: Need for Regulator
5. Energy Infrastructure
6. Human Resource Development
7. Technology and Research and Development
8. Overseas Engagements
9. Air Quality
10. India Vision 2040
11. Rural Electrification
12. Clean Cooking Access
13. Grid Integration of Renewable Electricity and More Efficient Grid Operation

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