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    19th Jul, 2018

ECONOMIC SURVEY  2017-18 for GS mains paper

The Economic Survey is a must document for IAS Mains Examination. Since it is very bulky in nature often aspirants fail to extract the crux of the survey which is important for the Examination. Here is an attempt to fill the gap in a shortest possible way. We have designed complete Economic The survey in QnA format covering all the 18 chapters of Volume I and Volume II. This will be helpful for UPSC MAINS 2018. The index is as follows: 1. An Overview of India’s Economic Performance in 2017-18 2. Fiscal, Monetary and External Sector • Monetary, Fiscal and External sector • Is there a “Late Converger Stall” in Economic Development? Can India Escape it? • Investment and Saving Slowdowns and Recoveries Cross-Country Insights for India • Reconciling Fiscal Federalism and Accountability: Is there a Low Equilibrium Trap 3. Economic Sectors • Agriculture • Industry • Infrastructure • Service 4. Sustainable development • Sustainable Development, Energy and Climate Chang • Climate, Climate Change, and Agriculture 5. Social Development • Social Infrastructure, Employment, and Human Development • Gender and Son Meta-Preference: Is Development Itself an Antidote? 6. Reforms Needed • ‘Ease of Doing Business’ Next Frontier: Timely Justice • Transforming Science and Technology in India  

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