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Economic Survey Summary 2016-17

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    Economic Survey Budget-IYB
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    9th May, 2017

Economic Survey 2017-18 Summary

Excerpts from Economic Survey with Practice Questions The following chapters contain some of the most important facts and analysis from the economic survey. The technical Terms in respective chapters alongwith supplementary readings have been added to give a better understanding of the topics. We have also provided questions at the end of each chapter for your revision. Some answers you may be able to find in the chapter itself. Whereas some questions would have a theme from survey, but may also ask about additional facts and concepts. This will help you to prepare for overall Indian economy portion from paper 3.  We hope you would find this useful and practise hard to utilize it in proper manner. Economic Survey 2016-2017 Highlights
  1. Economic Outlook and Policy Challenges
  2. The Economic Vision for Precocious, Cleavaged India
  3. Demonetisation: To Deify or Demonize?
  4. The Festering Twin Balance Sheet Problem
  5. Fiscal Framework: The World is Changing, Should India Change Too?
  6. Fiscal Rules: Lessons from the States
  7. Clothes and Shoes: Can India Reclaim Low Skill Manufacturing?
  8. Review of Economic Development
  9. Universal Basic Income: A conversation
  10. Income, Health, and Fertility: Convergence Puzzles
  11. One Economic India: For Goods and in the Eyes of the Constitution
  12. India on the Move and Churning: New Evidence
  13. The 'Other India's': Two Analytical Narratives (Redistributive and Natural Resources)
on States' Development
  1. From Competitive Federalism to Competitive Sub-Federalism: Cities as Dynamos
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