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Ethics Integrity & Aptitude: Moral Thinkers and Leaders

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Ethics Integrity & Aptitude: Moral Thinkers and Leaders

Ethical thinking is vital part of human history. Moral thinkers have immense contribution for it. Developing moral standards in their theories, the ancient philosophers were depended on several important concepts. Moral reasoning is the process of determining right or wrong in a given situation. Explicitly or implicitly these concepts and teachings plays crucial role in making answer effective. You can make your answer more objective and analytical, rather going for a general commentary on something. Theories and concepts given by them can be utilised while giving illustrations and in case studies also.  It will help in enhancing the quality of the answer. However you need to use these concepts carefully. Your answer should not be too theoretical in orientation. Hence, we are discussing the ideas and concepts of important thinkers and leaders in brief. It may be useful for Mains 2017.

Edited By: Manoj K. Jha

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