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Fact File: British Governors & Viceroys in India

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Published: 22nd Dec, 2021

Fact File: British Governors & Viceroys in India

Indian History has remained one of the most significant subjects for the UPSC Prelims EXAM. From the previous year's question papers, it is quite clear that UPSC has constantly given more weightage to Indian History. UPSC prelims general studies paper comprises of around 15 to 20 percent of questions from Indian History and Indian National Movement. 

Questions from the area concerning Governor Generals and Viceroys and events happened during their time period remains utmost important. 

We are presenting you the FACT FILE for GOVERNOR GENERAL AND VICEROYS which have all GG and Viceroy chronologically along with the events. This will help you in getting a general idea about all the events in Modern History and eventually help you in prelims as well.


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