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Fact File : Economy Financial Market

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    20th May, 2022

The Financial Market is one of the major channels to serve the purpose of mobilization of funds from people with surplus money to people who need money. Financial market can be classified into various types and forms on the basis of various categories like, nature of claim, maturity of claim, timing of delivery and organizational structure. Financial market is regulated by both RBI and SEBI, depending upon the type of market. Tools of the financial market can be used by corporates, commercial banks as well as the government.

GS SCORE’s fact file on ‘Financial Market’ provides the details of the financial market from regulatory structure to the tools available in a compiled notes format relevant for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. The data provided in the file has been updated from official websites of the organisations.
The document also carries additional information which will provide a value addition in the conceptual clarity of the topics. This will help the aspirants to understand the functioning of the financial market and analyse the trend of questions asked by UPSC.

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