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Fact File : Major Economic Committees

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    11th May, 2022
The Indian Government has formed several economic committees to examine the trends, and policies, survey the country's economy, promote a better understanding of its economic situation, evaluation of government economic rules, laws, and regulations, study monetary and fiscal policies of the government, comment and recommend measures for the improvement of decisions taken and to enhance the impact of positive outcomes. The different economic departments of government have formed different committees from time to time and the government has taken action accordingly by accepting the recommendations given by these committees. These committees and their recommendations are very important from the perspective of the UPSC examination. UPSC asks questions based on them both in Prelims and Main Examination.
The GS SCORE's 'Fact File on Major Economic Committees' compiles the committees formed by the Indian government to review and recommend the policy initiatives, rules, acts, laws, etc. The compilation is comprehensive as it covers all the important committees and their recommendations. This will help aspirants to prepare for the Prelims and to write answers for the Mains Examination.

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