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Fact Files : Landlocked Countries (Geography)

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Published: 23rd Feb, 2022

Fact Files : Landlocked Countries (Geography)

In the UPSC CSE Prelims Examination Geography is becoming a tough nut to crack. The questions from this section are getting relatively tough. Each year 8-9 questions are asked from this section in UPSC Prelims Exam. Out of these questions, 3-4 questions are based on maps. Aspirants should be well versed with the Maps of India and the World to attempt these questions right.

GS SCORE Prelims Sampoorna Geography Mapping has been designed to cover the above domain. This Geography Mapping compilation consists of Landlocked Countries in the World along with its short description. This will help you in memorizing and revising all the key facts which are important from Prelims point of view.


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