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Fact Files : Mineral Belts of India

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    9th Mar, 2022

The unevenly distributed rich mineral resource in India is its one of the most valuable assets. These minerals are crucial to fuel its industrial, energy and other economic needs. They are equally significant for UPSC Prelims Examination as many questions have been asked in previous years examinationsThus, it becomes highly important to know about India’s mineralized zones and mineral belts.

GS SCORE PRELIMS SAMPOORNA Fact File on Mineral Belts of India provides a complete overview of the availability and distribution of different mineral and energy resources in the country and all across the world. The fact file contains information on the maximum reserve states and producing states. The map-based distribution is also given to support the available data on mineral distribution. Without burdening you, this fact file will help to find a balance that you are comfortable with and will significantly improve your marks in the IAS Examination.

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