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Fact Files: Painting in India (Art & Culture)

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Published: 30th Mar, 2021

Fact Files: Painting in India  (Art & Culture)

Art and Culture is one such subject in the Prelims syllabus which appears on and off in the Examination. The aspirants are often baffled with the questions from this section. The unpredictable nature of the questions also remains a major concern. There are years when 10-12 questions are asked from this area and at times only 4-5 questions appear from this section. In these circumstances, the subject demands a focussed and to the point approach.

GS SCORE PRELIMS SAMPOORNA Fact File on Painting in India covers topics like prehistoric art, Sultanate painting, Regional painting which can appear in Prelims 2021. This fact file can act as a Revision module before the IAS Prelims examination.


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