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Food loss and waste can occur at each stage of the food value chain

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    28th Sep, 2019
  • During production or harvest in the form of grain left behind by poor harvesting equipment, discarded fish, and fruit not harvested or discarded because they fail to meet quality standards or are uneconomical to harvest.
  • During handling and storage in the form of food degraded by pests, fungus, and disease.
  • During processing and packaging in the form of spilled milk, damaged fish, and fruit unsuitable for processing. Processed foods may be lost or wasted because of poor order forecasting and inefficient factory processes.
  • During distribution and marketing in the form of edible food discarded because it is non-compliant with aesthetic quality standards or is not sold before “best before” and “use-by” dates.
  • During consumption in the form of food purchased by consumers, restaurants, and caterers but not eaten.

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