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Geography Mapping Sea & straits(Prelims Sampoorna)

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Published: 19th Apr, 2021

Geography Mapping Sea & straits(Prelims Sampoorna)

In UPSC Prelims Examination, questions from Geography are directly asked from areas like Current Affairs and especially from locations in India and around the world. In this regard, major Seas and Straits form an important topic in Geography for the UPSC Prelims Examination. Thus, it becomes essential to know the location and about Important Seas and Straits

GS SCORE PRELIMS Sampoorna Seas and Straits Mapping will significantly help aspirants to cover important locations which are relevant for the UPSC Examination. With a complete list of important Seas and Straits, their bordering countries and surrounding location, it will help to gain an edge in your Prelims examination. 

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