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Gist of Economic Survey (2017-18) – Volume 1

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Published: 5th Feb, 2018

Gist of Economic Survey (2017-18) – Volume 1

Gist of Economic Survey (2017-18) Volume 1 for GS Mains

The Economic Survey is must for IAS Prelims Examination. Since it is very bulky in nature often candidates fail to extract crux of survey which is important for the Examination. Here is an attempt to fill the gap in the shortest possible way. As in the prelims, questions on Indian economy are generally related to the current events thus Economic Survey may provide a clear cut picture of the Indian Economy and latest trends associated with it. It consists of terminologies and Facts related to Prelims (as an addition) to develop the understanding of the student.

Economic Survey 2017-2018 Highlights

1.  State of the Economy: An Analytical Overview and Outlook for Policy 2.  A New, Exciting Bird's Eye View of the Indian Economy Through the GST 3.  Investment and Saving Slowdowns and Recoveries: Cross-Country Insights for India 4.  Reconciling Fiscal Federalismand Accountability: Is there a Low Equilibrium Trap? 5.  Is there a "Late Converger Stall" in Economic Development? Can India Escape it? 6.  Climate, Climate Change, and Agriculture 7.  Gender and Son Meta-Preference: Is Development Itself an Antidote? 8.  Transforming Science and Technology in India 9.  Ease of Doing Business' Next Frontier: Timely Justice

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